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Length: 8.6k, 3 Chapters (Abandoned)

Date Posted: 2016-08-08 (Last Updated: 2016-12-24)



When the game ends, all pieces reset to the beginning of the game. But rather than erase a sweep and a half, and potentially let all the original events happen all over again, something must be changed. Time must pass. Friends and enemies cannot meet. Shit cannot go down.

"Oi, Captor!" you hear the rustblood shout. "Got a visitor kid, says 'e knows you. You know 'im?"

After a few more seconds of footsteps and background chatter, a pair of familiar orbs glowing red and blue appear at the slot in the door. Your friend's eyes glare at you from the darkness, a dim bicolored light washing over your face outside. He sneers and narrows his eyes.

"Who the fuck are you?"

Oh hell no.


Man, this story was such a trainwreck. But here I am, archiving it anyway. I'm even fancying up past me's first-try pesterlog coding.

Hey, it counts for something, doesn't it?


(/glances at pile of untouched WIPs)

Table of Contents

  1. Wake (2016-08-08)
  2. Garment Storage (2016-08-09)
  3. Chat (2016-12-24)

End Notes:

"Kinda hot-off-presses, but I've been writing this for a while, so... hopefully fine. Also, minor edits! Sorry for the confusion.

Also, I figured out a way to streamline the process of writing pesterlogs by using the find+replace tool on my word processor to insert the HTML tags. Yay!"