Fandom: Gravity Falls (Transcendence AU) & Over the Garden Wall (Crossover)

  • Dipper | Alcor
  • Mabel
  • Henry Pines
  • Jason Funderberker (the human)
  • Wirt
  • Greg
  • Beatrice
  • Original Characters
  • Transcendence AU
  • Beast Wirt
  • Aged-Up Characters
  • Zalgo Text
  • Mild Body Horror
  • Violence

Length: 16k, 4/7? Chapters (Ongoing WIP)

Date Posted: 2021-01-03 (Last Updated: 2021-01-24)

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Rescue Mission


Some demon slayers make several mistakes, starting with "picking a fight with the one benevolent demon in the Eastern United States" and "pissing off Alcor the Dreambender", and descending from there.

Or: a not-so-longfic slowly emerges from WIP hell. (Kinda on hiatus right now but I am working on it!


*punches out of the earth like a zombie from a grave* I LIVE

also: the zalgo text in this fic has translations! if you can't read it, just mouse over and the uncorrupted version should pop up as hovertext.

Table of Contents

  1. Summons Unforseen (2021-01-03)
  2. There's Problems (2021-01-10)
  3. And They Don't Stop Coming (2021-01-17)
  4. These Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep (2021-01-24)

End Notes:

I cannot believe it has been four entire years since I started writing this damn thing. For what it's worth, I've rewritten the first chapter about four times I have several chapters and a solid outline now! And also Jason Funderberker the Human has somehow become an important recurring character. I, uh. I don't really know how that happened. But I'm running with it.