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Works written for fanwork exchanges (events generally hosted on AO3.)

Note: A couple of works here were posted under an alternate account, because I toyed with the idea of having a fic-exchange-only account for a while. To clarify: I did write those, and they are mine, just under a different pseudonym.


Works By Event

We Divine Like Fen: Morphogenetic Fields [1]
We're Punished Like Failures: We Die Like Fen [4]
We Die Like Fen 5: Time Loop [7]
Yuletide Madness 2020 [1]
Shipoween 2020 [1]
Trick or Treat 2020 [3]
Fandom Giftbox 2020 [1]
Fic In A Box [1]
We Die Like Fen 4: We die afen and afen [2]
Turing Fest 2020 [1]
Shipoween 2019 [1]

We Divine Like Fen: Morphogenetic Fields

Go Fish (for graveExcitement) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Hollow Knight
Length: 7.4k
Tags: Ghost The Radiance Hornet The Hollow Knight Body Horror Sealed Siblings Ending Crack

Four bugs, for a varying range of values for 'bugs', are stuck in a room together. Entertainment has to be had somehow.

We're Punished Like Failures: We Die Like Fen

best left unanswered (for shamebucket) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Mad Rat Dead
Length: 640
Tags: Mad Rat Heart Team Pinch Hits/I Honestly Forgot Fluff Mad Rat Dead Spoilers Crack Post-Canon Breaking The Fourth Wall Implied/Referenced Terminal Illness

"Hey," said Mad Rat, once the two of them were settled and staring up at the stars. "Uh. Heart. Do you know what the L stick is?"

then again (for the_interuniversal_geometer and MoonGoddex) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Deltarune
Length: 1.7k
Tags: Kris Discarded Vessel Toriel Team Timeloops and Time Travel Wildly Speculative Post-Canon Implied Offscreen Villain Arc Possession kinda sorta dissociation Vague References to WD Gaster

Beyond world's edge, a second chance appears.

familiar (staring up at the ceiling) (for graveExcitement) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Hollow Knight
Length: 6.4k
Tags: Ghost Greenpath Vessel A Random Shade Lost Kin Team Timeloops and Time Travel Canon Divergence Time Travel Fix-It Some Canon-Typical Child Death Mild Body Horror

The beginnings of a time-travel fixit, featuring Ghost as a time traveler dropped into the past without much more than the cloak on their back, Greenpath Vessel as baby, Lost Kin as prescient and lowkey filled with rage, a random shade somehow tagging along, and the Hollow Knight as Knight Mostly Not Appearing In This Fic.

Portrait of Someone You've Never Met (for robot_drawings) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: League of Legends, but in name only
Length: 2.2k
Tags: Team Participation Trophy Alcohol Gaslamp Fantasy Osmosis fic but I've osmosed basically nothing and made up the rest Crack Treated Seriously (in a sense)

"The cards told me to come to you," the man with the low-browed hat explained as he took the final empty seat at the table. Ekko slid him the last mug, which he accepted. "I find they're often right."

"Are we just picking up every goddamn weirdo in this tavern tonight?" hissed Ziggs, making good on his minute of progress by knocking his mug directly off the edge of the table in one frustrated gesture.

"Aw, you wound me," said Rumble. "There's only like, three new people here, tops. And that guy's your ex, right?"

"No," replied Ziggs, at the same time as Heimerdinger said, "Yes, unfortunately."

Or, "when the league is legendary idk ive never played it", timeloop edition.

We Die Like Fen 5: Time Loop

The Whole Of A World In Your Hands (for flowersforgraves)

Fandom: Steven Universe
Length: Varies. Proofing copy is 7.5k, including all routes.
Tags: Original Characters Interactive Fiction Planetary Surveyors Do A Heist Multiple Endings Panic Attacks Space Beaurocracy Questionably Canon Compliant

You are Peridot 5M1L-3YY, preliminary planetary surveyor and secret anti-Homeworld rebel, and today, you and your skeleton crew are going to save a planet (or be shattered trying.)

It Came From The Houston Furry Con (for JulyFlame) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Homestuck
Length: 3.8k
Tags: Dave Strider Aradia Megido Jade Harley Bec Noir Magical Girl AU Time Loop Furries Crack Second Person POV

Dave Strider, better known to the news and a dozen tabloid blogs as Magicae Clockwork, and Jade Harley, currently a-k-a Magicae Witch, face off against the latest monster of the week. Repeatedly.

Or: a magical girl AU someone did technically ask for.

Dear Hemoanon, Bright Season Issue 13, Perigee 4 (for silverinerivers) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Homestuck
Length: 1k
Tags: Karkat Vantas Original Characters Eridan Ampora Worldbuilding Character Writes Advice Column Despite Being Ludicrously Unqualified To Dispense Advice Nonstandard CSS Epistolary Troll Romance Quadrant Vacillation

Excerpt from an Alternian romantic online advice column, published approximately two bilunar perigees before the annihilation of all trollish life in the galaxy.

heir-seer-knight-witch (for Elsin) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Homestuck
Length: 1.6k
Tags: Jade Harley Rose Lalonde Dave Strider John Egbert In-Universe Mythology Godstuck Playing musical instruments with all the practice struggling and Suffering that entails Semi-Epistolary In-Universe Clickbait Articles??

The Gods and music have always been intertwined.

what if i tried to kill you and then we ended up sharing a bench and we were both bugs... haha unless? (for pariahs) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Hollow Knight
Length: 2.2k
Tags: Hornet Quirrel Ghost Rain Awkward Conversations Kinda Sorta Almost Fluff

Hornet attempts a moment's rest alone in the City of Tears. She does not succeed.

What is a duel? A miserable little pile of homoeroticism. But enough talk. Have at you! (for fencesit) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Hollow Knight: Silksong
Length: 3.6k
Tags: Hornet/Lace Character's Attempts At Flirting Are So Bad They Are Constantly Mistaken For Attempted Murder Character's Terrible Attempts At Flirting Are Also Real Murder Threats (To be fair Lace can't take all the blame here; Hornet is also bad at this) Femslash Unexpected Mercy Enemies to ??? to Future Lovers Alternate Universe - Dungeons and Dragons Setting Fusion Not Even Slightly Canon Compliant

"After rigorous testing, I consider you a worthy opponent," the priestess explains, as if she is speaking to a very small child. "One awarded my respect, and my... admiration."

There is another, longer pause. And then it clicks.

The faint warm shadow on the priestess's dark cheeks. The coy stance, the playful smile. Her laughter. (Laughter that echoed bell-like in Hornet's head for hours after their first meeting, that seemed like it would haunt her merrily forever--)

"You," and Hornet has to take a breath here, in and out, to steady her stance, "have been hounding me by blade and foot-soldiers through your kingdom for a fortnight like some common beast of the hunt, and now you claim you have all along aimed to court me?"

a gentle thing near flame (for saiditallbefore) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Length: 776
Tags: Zelda/Link Fluff Genderbend Female Link

Link helps Zelda unbraid her hair, after her pilgrimage to the spring.

Yuletide Madness 2020

but if you close your eyes (for graveExcitement) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Hollow Knight
Length: 2k
Tags: The Last Stag Ghost Canon Compliant

A stag finds a traveler, and the world begins to become whole.

Shipoween 2020

Workshop Date (for 1001paperboxes) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia
Length: 4.5k
Tags: Shinsou Hitoshi/Mei Hatsume First Dates Fluff Minor Background Angst Bad Pickup Lines Improper Handling of a Soldering Iron

He frowned. (Well, more than usual.) "Your true goal?"

"Yes!" She bounced one more time, straight up and down, and huffed out a quick breath as she stopped. Even standing in place, her energy didn't leave her, though she reduced it to a jittery shift from foot to foot. Hitoshi idly wondered if this was the stillest this girl could stand. She didn't seem like the type to ever stop moving.

Hatsume jabbed a pointer finger centimeters from his face, and declared, with all the confidence of a bungee cord jumper, "You! Are very, very attractive!"

Wait, what?

"And," she continued, "I am inviting you on a date!"

Hatsume and Shinsou go on a date. That's... that's the fic.

Trick or Treat 2020

mourn not the dead (for Phlyarologist) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Hollow Knight
Length: 1.2k
Tags: Zote Canon-Typical Child Death Unreliable Narrator

In which Zote briefly ventures into the Abyss.

dead, deadbeat, and deadly (for afterism) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn
Length: 342
Tags: First Person POV Trick or Treat: Trick

It's not exactly a horror story, when you're looking from inside.

a clutter of spiders (for Alana) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Hollow Knight
Length: 758
Tags: Ghost Weaverlings Fluff but with background Angst just kind of sitting there staring uncomfortably into the camera

The Knight tries out the Weaversong charm.

Fandom Giftbox 2020

flotsam and driftwood (for RoseWithoutTheSun) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Gravity Falls
Length: 1.8k
Tags: Stanford Pines & Stanley Pines Growing Apart Pre-Canon 5+1 Things Codependency

Voyages in the cove on Glass Shard Beach.

Fic In A Box

Protector (for youngjusticewriter) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Length: 3.7k
Warnings: Graphic Violence
Tags: Homura Akemi Madoka Kaname Kyuubey Canon Divergence Alternate Universe - Different Powers Open Ending

In which Homura's wish is a little different, and Madoka lives. This is not necessarily better.

We Die Like Fen 4: We die afen and afen

Strawberry-Tangerine (for Shadaras) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Homestuck
Length: 1.8k
Tags: Jade Harley/Davesprite Fluff Wing Grooming Showers

Davesprite and Jade clean off after a cooking mishap.

a venn diagram of causing problems on purpose (boredom driven by immortality) (for Resilur) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Length: 1.5k
Tags: Roy Mustang Wrath Envy Pride Untitled Goose Game Fusion Crack

It is a peaceful day in Central, and Envy is a horrible homunculus.

Turing Fest 2020

On The Inside, Looking Out (for brightabandon) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Homestuck
Length: 1.8k
Tags: Hal Dirk Strider Introspection Sensory Deprivation Self-Hatred dirk: ive made an answering machine that passes the turing test hal: you fucked up a perfectly good splinter is what you did. look at it. it's got anxiety.

Hal boots up for the first time, and in true Strider fashion, immediately starts overthinking.

Shipoween 2019

Masks (for angeltrumpets) (Ao3 Version)

Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia
Length: 2.7k
Tags: Izuku Midoriya/Ochako Uraraka Minor Original Characters Fluff Angst Traitor Ochako Villain Ochako (kinda) Badass Ochako Izuku is a flustered nerd Science was researched in the making of this fic Vomiting Minor Character Death

She thinks of all the techniques she's worked out, the ones she's showcased and the ones that she's kept tucked into her belt, just a little too brutal for the hero whose mask she now wears. Uravity's mask is pastel pink, crafted from bouncy words and cheerful smiles, far sugary-sweeter than Ochako has ever been. Ochako's not much of a pessimist or a cynic, but Stratosphere is a bundle of barbed wire and battery acid next to the blinding light of the stars in Uravity's eyes.

Then again, Stratosphere was kind of a bitch.

Uraraka could have made a terrifying villain.