Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia

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Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia

  • Shinsou Hitoshi/Mei Hatsume
  • First Dates
  • Fluff
  • Bad Pickup Lines
  • Minor Background Angst
  • Improper Handling of a Soldering Iron

He frowned. (Well, more than usual.) "Your true goal?"

"Yes!" She bounced one more time, straight up and down, and huffed out a quick breath as she stopped. Even standing in place, her energy didn't leave her, though she reduced it to a jittery shift from foot to foot. Hitoshi idly wondered if this was the stillest this girl could stand. She didn't seem like the type to ever stop moving.

Hatsume jabbed a pointer finger centimeters from his face, and declared, with all the confidence of a bungee cord jumper, "You! Are very, very attractive!"

Wait, what?

"And," she continued, "I am inviting you on a date!"

Hatsume and Shinsou go on a date. That's... that's the fic.

4.5k words
Posted 2020-10-31


Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia

  • Yagi Toshinori & Shimura Nana
  • Epistolary
  • Treat

An unsent letter in All Might's desk.

325 words
Posted 2020-06-04


Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia

  • Izuku Midoriya/Ochako Uraraka
  • Minor Original Characters
  • Fluff
  • Angst
  • UA Traitor Ochako
  • Villain Ochako (kinda)
  • Izuku is a Flustered Nerd
  • Vomiting
  • Minor Character Death
  • Science Was Researched in the Making of This Fic

She thinks of all the techniques she's worked out, the ones she's showcased and the ones that she's kept tucked into her belt, just a little too brutal for the hero whose mask she now wears. Uravity's mask is pastel pink, crafted from bouncy words and cheerful smiles, far sugary-sweeter than Ochako has ever been. Ochako's not much of a pessimist or a cynic, but Stratosphere is a bundle of barbed wire and battery acid next to the blinding light of the stars in Uravity's eyes.

Then again, Stratosphere was kind of a bitch.

Uraraka could have made a terrifying villain.

2.7k words
Posted 2019-10-31