Collection: We're Punished Like Failures: We Deserve Less Fun

best left unanswered

Fandom: Mad Rat Dead

  • Mad Rat
  • Heart
  • Fluff
  • Canon-Typical Death/Terminal Illness
  • Post-Canon
  • Crack

"Hey," said Mad Rat, once the two of them were settled and staring up at the stars. "Uh. Heart. Do you know what the L stick is?"

640 words
Posted 2021-12-30

familiar (staring up at the ceiling)

Fandom: Hollow Knight

  • Ghost
  • Greenpath Vessel
  • A Random Shade
  • Lost Kin
  • Canon Divergence
  • WDLF: Team Time Loops and Time Travel
  • Some Canon-Typical Child Death
  • Mild Body Horror

The beginnings of a time-travel fixit, featuring Ghost as a time traveler dropped into the past without much more than the cloak on their back, Greenpath Vessel as baby, Lost Kin as prescient and lowkey filled with rage, a random shade somehow tagging along, and the Hollow Knight as Knight Mostly Not Appearing In This Fic.

6.4k words
Posted 2021-12-25
Mirrors: AO3 - FFN

Portrait of Someone You've Never Met

Fandom: League of Legends but in name only

  • Gaslamp Fantasy
  • Time Loop
  • Alcohol
  • Various Characters but in name only
  • Does this count as Osmosis Fic?
  • Crack? Crack Treated Seriously?
  • Ziggs and Heimerdinger are exes and you cannot stop me

"The cards told me to come to you," the man with the low-browed hat explained as he took the final empty seat at the table. Ekko slid him the last mug, which he accepted. "I find they're often right."

"Are we just picking up every goddamn weirdo in this tavern tonight?" hissed Ziggs, making good on his minute of progress by knocking his mug directly off the edge of the table in one frustrated gesture.

"Aw, you wound me," said Rumble. "There's only like, three new people here, tops. And that guy's your ex, right?"

"No," replied Ziggs, at the same time as Heimerdinger said, "Yes, unfortunately."

Or, "when the league is legendary idk ive never played it", timeloop edition.

2.2k words
Posted 2021-12-20

then again

Fandom: Deltarune

  • Kris
  • Discarded Vessel
  • Toriel
  • Vaguely referenced W.D. Gaster
  • Time Travel
  • Wildly Speculative Post-Canon
  • Implied offscreen villain arc?
  • Vague Dissociation
  • Possession

Beyond world's edge, a second chance appears.

1.7k words
Posted 2021-10-26
Mirrors: AO3 - FFN