Collection: We Die Like Fen 5: Time Loop

Bullet Round

It Came From The Houston Furry Con

Fandom: Homestuck

  • Dave
  • Jade
  • Aradia
  • Bec Noir
  • Magical Girl AU
  • Time Loop
  • Crack

Dave Strider, better known to the news and a dozen tabloid blogs as Magicae Clockwork, and Jade Harley, currently a-k-a Magicae Witch, face off against the latest monster of the week. Repeatedly.

Or: a magical girl AU someone did technically ask for.

3.8k words
Posted 2021-08-21
Mirrors: AO3 - FFN

Black Round

Dear Hemoanon, Bright Season Issue 13, Perigee 4

Fandom: Homestuck

  • Karkat
  • Original Characters
  • Eridan
  • Advice Column AU
  • Worldbuilding
  • Epistolary
  • Troll Romance
  • Nonstandard CSS/Formatting

Excerpt from an Alternian romantic online advice column, published approximately two bilunar perigees before the annihilation of all trollish life in the galaxy.

1k words
Posted 2021-08-21

Strawberry Moon Round


Fandom: Homestuck

  • Beta Kids
  • Jade
  • Rose
  • Dave
  • John
  • Epistolary
  • Godstuck
  • In-Universe Mythology
  • In-Universe Clickbait
  • Prompt Tag: 'Playing musical instruments with all the practice struggling and Suffering that entails'

The Gods and music have always been intertwined.

1.6k words
Posted 2021-08-21

Heart Round

what if i tried to kill you and then we ended up sharing a bench and we were both bugs... haha unless?

Fandom: Hollow Knight

  • Hornet
  • Ghost
  • Quirrel
  • Awkward Conversations
  • Sorta Almost Fluff

Hornet attempts a moment's rest alone in the City of Tears. She does not succeed.

2.2k words
Posted 2021-08-21

The Whole of a World in Your Hands

Fandom: Steven Universe

  • Original Character(s)
  • Interactive Fiction
  • Planetary Surveyors Do A Heist
  • Multiple Endings
  • Panic Attacks
  • Space Beaurocracy
  • Questionably Canon Compliant
  • Twine

You are Peridot 5M1L-3YY, preliminary planetary surveyor and secret anti-Homeworld rebel, and today, you and your skeleton crew are going to save a planet (or be shattered trying.)

Varies (maybe 3-4k per route; proofing copy is ~7.5k total)
Posted 2021-08-21

a gentle thing near flame

Fandom: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Zelink
  • Genderbend - Female Link
  • Pre-Canon
  • Fluff

Link helps Zelda unbraid her hair, after her pilgrimage to the spring.

776 words
Posted 2021-08-21

Treat Crimes

What is a duel? A miserable little pile of homoeroticism. But enough talk. Have at you!

Fandom: Hollow Knight: Silksong

  • Hornet/Lace
  • Alternate Universe - Dungeons and Dragons Setting
  • Character's Attempts At Flirting Are So Bad They Are Constantly Mistaken For Attempted Murder
  • Character's Terrible Attempts At Flirting Are Also Real Murder Threats
  • (To be fair Lace can't take all the blame here; Hornet is also bad at this)
  • Unexpected Mercy
  • Enemies to ??? to Future Lovers
  • Not Even Slightly Canon Compliant

"After rigorous testing, I consider you a worthy opponent," the priestess explains, as if she is speaking to a very small child. "One awarded my respect, and my... admiration."

There is another, longer pause. And then it clicks.

The faint warm shadow on the priestess's dark cheeks. The coy stance, the playful smile. Her laughter. (Laughter that echoed bell-like in Hornet's head for hours after their first meeting, that seemed like it would haunt her merrily forever--)

"You," and Hornet has to take a breath here, in and out, to steady her stance, "have been hounding me by blade and foot-soldiers through your kingdom for a fortnight like some common beast of the hunt, and now you claim you have all along aimed to court me?"

3.6k words
Posted 2021-07-26