Ye Olde Obligatory About Page

Sup, I'm FJ. This site is my personal archive of fanworks, as a backup and alternative to various other sites. I don't expect AO3 to go down any time soon, but it's always nice to have another mirror somewhere.

Blanket Fannish Permission Statement

If you want to make podfic or recursive fanwork of any of my works, go ahead! Just please credit and link to the work you're transforming (i.e. don't claim the source as your own, haha.) If you're posting on AO3, I highly recommend using the 'inspired by' option to link back to me. And let me know when you're done -- I'd love to see it!

I'm also generally okay with translations, but I do appreciate being consulted for those, since sometimes there's intent/implication that can get lost in translation otherwise. TL;DR the answer is probably yes, but please talk to me first if possible!


I can be found at various other places linked on the front page, or emailed at this address.

General Site Disclaimer

All publicly recognizable fictional characters, places, etc. are the intellectual property of their respective owners. I do not get any money whatsoever from this website or its contents, and all fanworks hosted here are noncommercial transformative works, permissible under fair use.

You may encounter content ahead you find objectionable, unpleasant, problematic, poorly spelled, riddled with plot holes, featuring your worst NOTP, or otherwise not to your tastes. This may include content inappropriate for readers under certain ages.

As the author I may supply, but cannot always guarantee, reasonable warnings for upsetting or mature content. These warnings are given at my discretion and subject to no specific obligations or promises. The back button should be there if you need it.

While I do not collect any specific information about my site's visitors, I would like to emphasize that this is not a site intended for visitors under the age of 13. Here may be dragons.

Privacy Policy and Cookies

This site uses cookies for the site skin changer. This can be more or less opted out of by not allowing Javascript, or just not using the skin changer and deleting any cookies from previous uses. This is the only custom element of the site to use cookies (or Javascript), and only information stored is the selected skin, the URL of this website and relevant folder path, and the cookie's expiration date.

The only data I receive about visitors is Neocities' built-in site stats. As a free tier user, this only shows me aggregate hits and visitors. For further information, you can check out Neocities' own privacy policy.

I do not track or otherwise collect information about my visitors in any other way. :P

Site Credits

Some resources used by this website for various pages:


The site skin changer and associated cookie code are borrowed from TheSiteWizard's helpful tutorial!


A couple of pages/workskins use Google Fonts - these are not embedded from Google, though, just downloaded and hosted locally.

Jade's pesterchum skin uses Comfortaa to substitute for Century Gothic, and the Rain World iterator broadcast skin currently uses IBM Plex Sans (because I like the way it looks on the wiki.)


These pesterlog backgrounds and the Homestuck Skin background are panels from Homestuck, sourced via the MSPA wiki.

The background image for The Whole of a World in Your Hands is an official background from the episode Change Your Mind, sourced via the Steven Universe wiki.

The background image of the Hollow Knight skin is an in-game background, sourced from the Hollow Knight wiki. The top and bottom decorations are sourced from an in-game screencap, edited by myself.

The background images and page borders of the Deltarune skin are edited from in-game graphics, sourced via The Spriter's Resource.